Posted by: islandhideaway | December 20, 2008


boatparadeEvery year Main Street puts on a great Christmas party for the islandof St. Thomas. We went last night, parked in the lot next to Fort Christian and walked on the waterfront to one of our favorite restaurants, the Tavern on the Waterfront. From this second floor elegant restaurant we could watch the famous boat parade. Boats decorate with Christmas lights and more and sail the harbor. One boat had Santa dressed in swim trunks, his Santa jacket and hat and helped throw candy to the people standing on the apron watching the show.

Stores stayed open and offered specials so any last minute Christmas shopping was easy to complete. No traffic was allowed on Main Street and the street was filled with bands and music and people. Bertha B. Boschulte SteelPan Band was playing Christmas carols and the drummer must have been about 12 years old and he was playing his heart out. On the Waterfront there were two locally famous dance bands playing.

Emancipation Garden had local vendors selling Christmas items and jewelry and handmade items. The bandstand had bands playing and singing. We got caught in a short rain shower but it passed quickly. Local food was enjoyed by all.

The evening ended with a parade down Main Street. It was a wonderful evening in the tropics and a great way to celebrate the holidays.


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