Posted by: islandhideaway | December 15, 2008

Christmas Shopping

tropicalshoppingWithout a Wal Mart where do we go Christmas shopping on St. Thomas? There is always our biggest department store, K-Mart, and judging from the crowds in December in this store this is a popular place. Havensight, where the cruise ships dock, has some great sales going on now. If you have a jewelry lover or a perfume lover, this is the place. There are also clothing stores with some nice tropical styles at nice prices and Sanrio has some great children’s items.

If you are buying for someone on St. Thomas, you might try a gift certificate at one of their favorite restaurants or a tourist attraction they have never tried. You can send your friend parasailing or on a submarine or even on a ride on the tram up to Paradise Point. A child or a child at heart might enjoy a visit to the Butterfly Farm. 

Take a walk on the waterfront and Main Street and you will find some great deals. I stopped in the Harley Davidson store last weekend (for my brother-in-law) and they had T-shirts on sale. In fact, there were sales at almost every store I passed.

One of the great things about Christmas shopping on St. Thomas is you can literally wait until the last minute. Most of the stores will be open on Christmas Day.


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