Posted by: islandhideaway | October 10, 2008

Snorkeling the Waters of St. Thomas

Feed the Fish at Coki

Feed the Fish at Coki

One of my favorite things to do is snorkel. Here on St. Thomas the waters are clear and calm and almost every time I go in the water the visibility is fantastic. The first beach I snorkeled was Sapphire Beach. Just put on your mask, walk in the water, put on fins if you like and off you go. I saw an underwater world I didn’t know existed. Every color of the rainbow and fascinating coral. I spent so much time swimming, floating and observing my fingers became numb and I realized I had been snorkeling for almost forty-five minutes.

Another favorite beach of mine to snorkel is Secret Harbour. If you swim straight out past the raft the coral is beautiful and you will see parrot fish, yellow tailed snappers, sargeant majors and more. A few times I have seen and followed turtles. Once with my neice and daughter we followed a turtle for almost 20 minutes before realizing we had swam almost to the point and out to sea. Another time I was able to view an octopus – that was to the right.

Coki Point offers a different experience. The fish are so tame and so comfortable with snorkelers they will eat right out of your hand. Just bring some dog biscuits, get them wet in the water and the fish will swim right up to the food and start eating. You can stand a few feet from shore, look down and see the fish or swim out a bit and view the coral and more. If you look hard you may see a peacock flounder that blends in with the sand.

Brewer’s Beach is another spot for good snorkeling, I am told. Everytime I have snorkeled there the people I go with see fish not usually seen. Once my husband saw a remora, another time a friend saw some turtle, another time squid. You go and tell me what you see there. I have only seen the usual sargeant majors and snappers and groupers.

Those are my favorite places to snorkel. Let me know yours.


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