Posted by: islandhideaway | September 30, 2008

Another Great Beach

Secret Harbour Beach

Secret Harbour Beach

I love Secret Harbour Beach. It is quiet, secluded and beautiful. The beach has a nice sandy spot where you can enter the water if you just want to swim. There are trees for shade on the beach. There is a restaurant that has great food if you don’t feel like brining your own food. But the absolutely best thing about this beach is the snorkeling. You can swim to the right along the coral and see beautiful coral formations and so many different fish. Swim straight out past the raft and you will see fish, sometimes a graceful turtle, and coral. Swim to the left and you will encounter sea grass and more fish. If you want to take your kids they are able to snorkel close to shore and see fish and search for shells. When my daughter was younger she and her friends could spend hours with their heads in the water searching for the treasured shells saving ‘only the best’.

Speaking of bringing the children this is a great beach to do that. They can hover in the water close to shore and have a great time or swim out to the raft or snorkel along with you and when they get bored they can roam the beach with you sitting in your chair keeping an eye on them. They may run into some iguanas while they roam.

Secret Harbour is located on the east end of the island. Just follow the signs to the Blue Moon Cafe (a great restaurant by the way) and you will be there. If you don’t bring your own chair you will have to pay to rent one. Enjoy this calm, quiet, sandy beach.


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