Posted by: islandhideaway | September 22, 2008

My Favorite Beaches

Sapphire BeachHere in St. Thomas we become experts at picking beaches. My favorite beach depends on what I want to do at the beach. If I want to snorkel my favorite beach is Sapphire Beach. I love the coral to the right. If you swim all the way out to the point it is a beautiful and busy undersea world one could look at until your fingers were numb from the cold ocean. To the left you may see some sea turtles and there are always fish. The beach is comfortable and easy to find shade and during high season there will be great people watching as well.

For a great picnic party I love Megan’s Bay. Swimming is wonderful. The beach is great white sand (my niece would say, “It’s just like cotton candy”) and the water stays relatively shallow for at least 40 yards or so. You can walk up and down the long beach or walk the water and get some great exercise. Picnic tables are available and you can bring a grill if you like. There are two beach houses for changing and showering. There is a restaurant and bar if you want to buy food and dring instead of bringing your own. Great beach to relax and spend the day.

If I want to play in the waves or bodysurf or skim board I choose Morningstar Beach at Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Hotel. This is a long beach with great waves. If you don’t want to play in the waves you can sit on the beach and watch others or you can go to the restaurant and have a leisurely lunch.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about some more beaches here on St. Thomas.


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